Williams, Hugo Morduant

Williams, Hugo Morduant
(1942- )
   Born in Windsor, son of the actor and playwright Hugh Williams, he grew up in Sussex and was educated at Eton College. He has spent his working life in journalism: he worked on the London Magazine from 1961 to 1970; writes a column in the Times Literary Supplement; has been poetry editor and TV critic on the New Statesman, theatre critic on the Sunday Correspondent, film critic for Harper's and Queen; and a writer on popular music for Punch magazine. He has been a freelance journalist since 1995 and lives in London. Soon after leaving Eton he traveled the world and wrote All the Time in the World (1966) and a second travel book, No Particular Place to Go, in 1981. Prizes and awards: Eric Gregory Award, 1966; Cholmondeley Award, 1971; Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize, 1975; T.S. Eliot Prize, 1999. Between Symptoms of Loss: Poems (1965) and Collected Poems (2005) he published ten other collections of poems. Some of his poems: "Aborigine," "Broken Dreams," "Calling Your Name in the Zoo," "Some Kisses from the Kama Sutra," "The Butcher," "When I Grow Up."
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British and Irish poets. A biographical dictionary. . 2015.

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